Minikit Rice
The Minikit Rice we deal in is widely suited for making different delicious dishes such as pulao, kheer, biryani, plain rice etc. This is mainly grown in Bengal and is known for its tempting aroma and delectable taste.
Gate Rice
The Gate Rice is a high-quality grain, which tastes amazing. It is edible to high level and is accessible with an enticing aroma. It has an irresistible taste and is used to make pulao, jeera rice, biryani, ghee rice, etc. It can be cooked in a hygienic way.
IR36 - IR64 Parboiled Rice
The IR36 - IR64 Parboiled Rice is an extensively renowned Indian rice variety. It has long grain and good cooking in non-basmati category. This rice variety is highly popular in African & Gulf Countries for its good quality and low prices.
Sona Masoori Parboiled Rice
The Sona Laghu Parboiled Rice is simple to cook. It has non-sticky texture. Also, it is made to improve the texture of the rice, making the edible less sticky and fluffier. It tastes like regular white rice.
10 - 10 Fine Rice
The 10 - 10 Fine Rice is a fragrant rice, offered with high fragrance. The husk of the rice can be removed before it can be taken in. Its outer layer can be simply removed.
Swarna Rice
The Swarna Rice is known as one of the healthiest varieties. This is a key food staple. It can be consumed after low risk of diabetes. This is low on the glycemic index and has been loaded with many dietary fibre.

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